Virtual Interviews - What is it?

Facing Interviews is a nightmare for all of us and this pandemic has worsened the situation further with the ONLINE Interview process. For a young graduate as it is, it’s difficult to cope with the interview experience, the Online Interviews have created few more challenges/barriers which you need to overcome to get your dream Internship/Job

Presenting “Virtual Interviews” by Placement Coach, an affordable online platform created exclusively for college students to get their Interview answers reviewed by recruitment experts, which can help the students perform better in real time Internship/Job Interviews. We have 3 unique ways to practice with recruitment experts with overall focus on relevant answers (Profile - Role), speaking and Interview handling skills.

3 models to Improve your Interview Experience

Our experts have designed the below three methods which can help you overcome your Interview hurdles with ease


Interview Answers Review

Relevant Answers are the first step to succeed in any interview. Get your Interview answers evaluated by recruitment experts to suit the Internship or Job role which you are applying for

Step 1: Choose your questions
Step 2: Type and send your answers to the expert
Step 3: Receive feedback from expert
Step 4: Implement changes

Book now to get 50% discount @ just Rs.49 per question

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Video Answers Review

Video Resume or Face to Face Interview, how you speak and convey your thoughts to the interviewer matters the most. Get feedback from recruitment experts on important Verbal & Non verbal factors while communicating with the interview

Step 1: Choose your questions
Step 2: Record your answers and send to the expert
Step 3: Receive feedback from expert
Step 4: Implement changes

Book now to get 50% discount @ just Rs.49 per question

Special Offer - Buy now and get 1 Year Validity


MOCK Virtual Interview

Effective handling of objections and performing in stressful situations can seal the deal for you. Practice mock interviews virtually with recruiters and get confident in attending your real interviews with ease

Step 1: Choose an available slot with expert
Step 2: Join on Zoom for a 15 Min Mock Interview
Step 3: Receive feedback from expert
Step 4: Implement changes

Book now to get 50% discount @ just Rs.49 per question

Special Offer - Buy now and get 1 Year Validity

6 Awesome reasons why you need to choose us now

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All methods are designed and structured exclusively for College Graduates & Freshers

Structured and scientific feedback for critical aspects on a scale of 1-5

Buy now @ Rs.49 & 99 and practice anytime till next 1 year

3 Unique methods to ace your interview Skills (Write, Record, Live

Detailed feedback report with Precise plan of action on improvement areas

Anywhere, anytime online practice with recruitment experts

What do our students say about us?

Anu Sri
JNTU College

 "As it was my first interview attempt I felt little nervous and took long time to answer some questions. This mock interview helped me a lot by providing me the opportunity to know where I am lacking and how to handle certain parts without nervousness." 

K Harika
VNR Vignan Jyothi College

 "My mock interview experience was great. Initially I was clueless on how to attend interviews with regard to internship and job but after taking their mock sessions got to know my mistakes. It is really helpful and Thank You Virtual Interviews." 

Santhosh Kumar
St. Mary's Engineering College

 "Interviewer was extremely helpful and insightful in both sessions of my Interview Preparation. After the session the interviewer gave me some concrete ideas on how to handle specific questions, and I am able to apply the same in my real interviews." 

Launch Offer - Save upto Rs.3,330

10 Interview Answers Review worth Rs.1499
10 Video Answers Review worth Rs.1499
Mock Virtual Interviews worth Rs.2495


  • In LIVE MOCK Interview the session will be for 15 minutes and about 5 to 7 questions will be asked
  • Recruitment experts who have experience in campus and off campus placements will take the interview

The questions depend  on which interview you attend. You can choose from Internship Interview or Campus Interview or Off campus interview

  • Your answer should be appropriate and engaging to the interview. Keep it to the point and should be less than 2 to 3 minutes
  • Please submit your resume and job profiles which you are applying for
  • Be clear which Interview you want to attend (Internship, Campus Interview, Direct Interview, Telephonic round or Technical/Subject Interview)
  • Do not share your credentials with your friends or family. Only one profile will be serviced 



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